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Phase 2 - Urgent Request for Masks - Covid19 Appeal

Generally, Malawi seemed to fare comparably well through 2020 with regards Covid-19. New infections and mortality were in decline from late July, there were relatively few cases from September to December, and less than 200 Covid-attributed deaths by the end of the year.

This all changed at the start of 2021, with more deaths in January than all of 2020. Two Cabinet Ministers and two senior officials died of Covid within 24 hours and the President declared a national emergency on the 12th January, with further national restrictions on the 17th.

New cases increased exponentially throughout the month, doubling every four to five days and there are reports of healthcare systems being potentially overwhelmed across the country and of a serious shortage of oxygen.

Facemasks are compulsory in crowded places, and children who do not have adequate protection are being turned away from school.

The Likhubula Dunblane Committee has sent an urgent appeal for 3,000 more masks to ensure that all children at Nansato and Pasani Primary schools are covered and to protect the most vulnerable in the seven villages.

A mask costs around 50p to make in Malawi. Can you help ensure all children can return safely to school?

You can donate online here - zikomo kwambiri!