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Water and Sanitation

The initial needs analysis undertaken in 2006 highlighted as an immediate priority the provision of clean water and sanitation.


The water and sanitation project was funded by Independent Project Analysis Inc.- an American consultancy with international links.


3 wells and a water distribution system were installed across about 70% of the community including Nansato School where boys and girls toilets were built. Overall the scheme led to a significant drop in water borne disease within the community, increased attendance at local primary schools, and in some areas has provided limited irrigation to allow better use of fertile land for food production. The fresh water is also used daily by Mary’s Meals in providing school meals.


Subsequently after much discussion and a delay of five years the EU installed a major water distribution across the villages.


Overall the system has been successful in reducing disease but sanitation continues to be a problem with lack of maintenance, ownership of existing facilities and still very few households with toilet facilities.


Work was completed to provide new toilet facilities at Nansato Primary School in 2014.

Latest News of Water and Sanitation

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