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Mvano Guild Links

For several years there has been a link between the Guild in Dunblane Cathedral and the Mvano of Likhubula CCAP where we have exchanged letters of encouragement and small gifts.


The Guild have watched with interest projects with bees, goats and chickens, some of which we helped to fund; empathised with the work involved trying to sustain them and shared the disappointment when things haven’t gone as planned.


The commitment of the Mvano in helping to support the orphans, the elderly and indeed each other in the community is commendable and our Guild in Dunblane has much to learn from this example.


We now have an e-mail link and are hoping to embark on a closer relationship where regular communication is more possible and we can talk about things that are common to us both as well as the differences.

Latest News of Mvano and Dunblane Cathedral Guild

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