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Dunblane High School Chambe Secondary School Link

Pupils at Dunblane High have many opportunities to participate in Global Citizenship activities both in and outside the classroom.  One aspect of being a global citizen is to be aware of the wider world which means that we should be taking our school motto- Prospice Ultra Montes- literally, and looking beyond the mountains not just to other parts of Scotland, the UK and Europe but to the wider world.


One of the main ways we do this is by playing a part in the link between the Dunblane Community and Likhubula in Malawi.  As part of this, Dunblane High has a special relationship with Chambe Secondary dating back to a visit by five of our pupils and two staff in June 2008.


Chambe Secondary School is a Government run day school about one hours walk from Likhubula and, for children who attend primary schools such as Nansato Primary School in Likhubula, it provides the opportunity for four years secondary education.  This made Chambe an ideal school with which to establish a link.


In summer 2013, five years on, plans were made to strengthen this link.


Four of our S3 pupils Alba Escala , Catriona Glen, Laura Paton and Christy Cunningham put together a pack of materials as a gift for Chambe Secondary school.  The pack included a photograph album, the recent Prospice magazine, school brochure and other items which give a flavour of pupil life at Dunblane High.  Jenni Barr and Fiona Anderson of the partnership steering committee handed the pack over to the school when they visited in July.  This resulted in a formal agreement between the two schools to exchange regular monthly emails allowing pupils at both schools to learn more about life at the partner school.


The first email from Chambe arrived at the start of September 2013 when pupils returned to school for the new session and, two weeks later, Alba, Catriona, Laura and Christy replied on behalf of Dunblane High.



Although they will be the main correspondents, other Dunblane pupils will have the opportunity to be involved in the email link, by helping to answer questions from the Chambe pupils, being in photos to show what life is like in Dunblane High or by asking their own questions about life in Malawi.  This will be especially true in the case of S2, who will participate in a Global Citizenship Day based on Africa later this session.


The girls have also worked with Dunblane High's Global Citizenship Committee to arrange the programme for Likhubula Day which took place on Thursday 26 September 2013.  In the morning, the girls accompanied by our mascot the Likhubula Lion, link teacher Anne McEwan, and Jenni Barr and Fiona Anderson from the Partnership, spoke to the whole school at a series of awareness raising assemblies at which they also handed over a cheque for our annual contribution to the bursary scheme.  The rest of the day's programme was made up of a range of fundraising events to help fund future contributions to the Scheme   These included a bake sale, face painting and entry donations for the annual cross country competition, which was held in the afternoon. These events resulted in the  magnificent total of £670 being raised.

Latest News of Dunblane High and Chambe Secondary Links

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