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2020 Covid 19 Appeal

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

2020 is no typical year and we have been active learning of the impact of COVID-19 in Africa. Members of our Steering Committee take part in a monthly Zoom meeting with Malawi, arranged by the Scotland Malawi Partnership, where we hear direct from experts in Malawi and UK. There is a recognition now that lockdown in a country such as Malawi, where so many live at subsistence level, can itself be a death-knell. Instead, the emphasis is shifting to respecting social distancing, washing hands regularly and mandatory wearing of facemasks.

The Likhubula Committee has come to us with a proposal that they assist the community by setting up 86 additional hand washing stations and supplying 2,000 facemasks, targeting the seven villages, 33 churches, the Likhubula Market, chiefs, steering committee and bursars. This could be Phase One, with further support needed if the pandemic worsens.

In addition, there is clear evidence that providing fertiliser greatly benefits the quantity of maize that can be harvested. Families rely heavily on their own crops. We have provided fertiliser in the past with great success and this year have been asked to supply fertiliser for 100 families. The Likhubula Committee will work with the chiefs to prioritise those in greatest need.

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