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Water for Nakhonyo

When we visited Likhubula last summer, a number of future partnership projects were discussed. One suggestion was to support the provision of water to Nakhonyo village - one of the villages which make up Likhubula. Many years ago we had supported with the provision of water pumps in other areas of the community such as at Nansato Primary school. Water is such a valuable resource and clean water can make a huge difference to health.

The Likhubula steering committee came back with a quote and confirmation that the necessary permissions had been obtained to carry out the work. We were delighted to support.

On completion, the Likhubula committee shared a number of photos of the construction, the water sources being used previously, and water supply now available to the village. They also sent the following message:

"For a long time, part of Nakhonyo village had no safe and clean water. Some people have been using water from the well as you can see in some of the photos attached. Currently, people are enjoying the piped water which Dunblane funded. This has eased the problem of long distance covered to find safe and clean water. People from that area also committed themselves towards the water extension development project. They are sending word of thanks to the whole Dunblane community for their kindness in funding their project."

We are particularly pleased at the commitment of the Likhubula community to this project - both in making it happen but also in the long term upkeep. We hope it will make a difference to Nakhonyo village for a long time to come.

You can see more of these photos here

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