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Fertiliser Aid 2016

While in Likhubula this summer, discussions were had between our 2 steering committees on the sorts of things that had gone well (or not so well!) for the partnership in the past. One thing that was raised as a positive by the Likhubula steering committee was previous food and fertiliser aid.

Through discussions around sustainability, longer term benefits and the idea of "a hand up, not a hand out", fertiliser aid was thought to be something which had worked well in the past and could work well again. This was reinforced through meeting with Village Chiefs who expressed the benefits fertiliser had brought in their own villages.

Using the same model as last year, we were delighted to support with the purchase of fertiliser - 40 50kg bags of each type. Beneficiaries were selected across the villages locally and the Likhubula Steering committee arranged the distribution.

The Likhubula committee sent the following message:

Dearest Friends, We had a very good day during fertilizer distribution. The beneficiaries including committee members and chiefs are grateful for your consideration. There were more speeches of thanks to you all in Dunblane during the distribution day. Here attached are photos and hope you like them. We are just waiting for good soaking rain so that we can plant. We will keep you updated on the progress of our crops. The committee.

You can see some of these photos


We hope to see some successful crops in the near future - particularly given the food shortages many in Malawi are currently facing.

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