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10 new Dunblane Bursars

Our new Bursars this year were selected in the same way as in previous years through a process run by the Likhubula committee, village chiefs and the Bursary Monitor. The purpose of this is to ensure the limited spaces are allocated to the right people against a number of criteria including ability and need.

All those who were deemed eligible and had a place at one of the Secondary schools supported by the Bursary scheme were invited to sit a short entrance test prepared by the Bursary Monitor.

We are delighted to share that the new Bursars joining the Bursary scheme in Form 1 this year are:

Chambe: Marvelous Lemani, Madalitso Eliya, Estere M'baluku, Jonathan Josamu

Mulanje: Aubrey Makawa, Jjoseph Khumie, Paul Kang'oma

Milonga: Memory Liwago, Lizzie Vidala, Eleni Likoswe

We congratulate them on joining the Bursary scheme and wish them all the best for the future

Photos from the selection process can be seen here.

Photos of the new Dunblane Bursars can be seen here.

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