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Bursars School Supplies

With the beginning of a new school session, the Dunblane Bursars had their shopping trip for school supplies.

This includes stationery, uniforms, school shoes and the other essential items for school which are include in our Bursary Scheme.

Our Likhubula Committee informed us they’d even managed to make the budget go a bit further:

“We were given a discount when purchasing school uniforms so we used the balance to buy the Umbrellas for bursars so that they can use during rain season.”

We now have 15 Bursars on the scheme – 5 in Form 1, 2 and 3. We hope to reach our target of 5 Bursars in each year at the start of the next school session in a years time.

Best of luck to all our Bursars as they start the new session!

You can see more photos from the shopping trip on Flickr, here.

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