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Fiona and Ian from our Steering Committee in Dunblane (plus Matthew and Louise!) attended the 10th Scotland Malawi Partnership AGM on 3 Oct in Edinburgh.

This event also included the launch of the UN’s new Sustainable Development Goals. You can find out more about our involvement with these here.

Fiona was asked to speak at the event about how our Partnership is working to meet Goal 1: No Poverty. She got a great reception and there was a lot of interest in the work of our Partnership.

David Hope-Jones, the Principal Officer at the Scotland Malawi Partnership, even commented that our photo launching Goal 1: No Poverty, was probably his favourite!

The event was both interesting and useful, giving an opportunity to meet like-minded people from across Scotland and share experiences. We even managed a conversation with the chair of the Malawi Scotland Partnership who has visited the building of the new houses in Likhubula and was able to give an update on progress.

Throughout the event, the hashtag #SMPAGM was widely used on Twitter – check this out here to get a flavour of a great afternoon.

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