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New Home Owners

We were delighted to hear of the selection of the 6 families chosen to benefit from the new houses.

6 new houses are being built in the Likhubula area through funding we obtained from the Beit Trust through the Scotland Malawi Partnership following the devastation caused by flooding earlier this year.

The meeting for the selection of beneficiaries took place in July at Nansato Primary school, and was attended by 25 people, including all 6 village chiefs from the surrounding area. The meeting decided that one family from each village would be selected to have a new house built – one each from Nakhnonyo, Chilanga, Kalilombe, Mangombo, Gibson and Mbewa.

In one village, the recipient is disabled. In another, a family including 3 children and a widow who is HIV positive. Others are older people, some caring for orphans. Another is a child headed family of three, aged 13, 10 and 6 years old. The eldest sister was made pregnant while looking for food to feed her sisters and has a child.

We are really pleased to hear of the thoroughness of this process, and the careful consideration of those most in need. Our committee in Dunblane reflected:

“Thank you – I am humbled by the selection and proud of our partner community for their careful consideration”

“The selection process looks to have very much veen focussed on those with strong needs”

“It is humbling and makes what we are trying to do so worthwhile”

We look forward to seeing the project progress!

You can see photos of all the recipients by clicking here.

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