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Messages for Bursars


In August a friend of the partnership, Carol Finlay from Church of Scotland World Mission, is travelling to Malawi and will be visiting Mulanje Mission hospital; not far from the Likhubula community. She has offered to transport some lettters for us.

Among these letters are messages to each of our current Bursars. These are all individual and are messages of encouragement and support. We hope to hear back from our Bursars at some stage and will share this news when available.

We are very proud of our Bursars and the bursary programme. At present we support 15 young people and next session hope to add another 5 taking us to 20 Bursars for the first time; 5 in each year group.

An example of one of the letters is shown below.

You can find out more about the Bursary programme here.

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