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Goat Project

The Goats project developed from our desire to move from providing emergency food support to establishing projects within the communities which are sustainable, nutritious and provide some limited income.


This project was managed for us by the Mulanje Mission Hospital (MMH).


It has been partially successful. Originally the communities, against the advice from MMH, chose to set up the scheme with each village looking after the goats rather than individual deserving poor families. The result was a failure in ownership and a number of goats dying from lack of attention.


A tough learning experience, but the communities have now accepted that the arrangement was flawed and have identified families who will now be responsible for tending the goats and passing the kids onto new deserving families. Additional goats are being brought in over the next few months to re-energise the scheme. This is being funded by residual monies held by MMH on our behalf.

Latest News of Goats

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